Home Health Nursing

Mount Carmel Guild’s Home Nursing Program assists low-income, frail individuals aged 60 years and over with many economic, medical, and social needs.  Our program provides quality, long-term, home-based nursing care for the medically needy and economically disadvantaged older individuals in Mercer County. Our patients require on-going care not covered by their Medicare benefits and need assistance with managing geriatric ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, dementia and cardiopulmonary diseases. They may be ambulatory with canes or walkers or in wheelchairs. Our objectives are to increase the medical stability and safety of patients, so they may continue to age in place independently with grace and dignity and avoid institutionalization.

Our Purpose:

Home Health Nursing Service’s primary goal is to provide long term home-based nursing care to the most medically needy and economically disadvantaged senior citizens of Mercer County in order to prevent premature placement into an institutional setting. Our nurses provide more to our patients than just medical care. They provide comfort and companionship to those who are lonely and make referrals to other services such as Meals on Wheels, transportation to and from medical appointments, and full time home health assistance, if needed. Our nurses also provide emergency food packages from our Emergency Assistance program for anyone who is short of food and on a fixed income. 

Our Patients and Visits: 

Care receivers are low-income seniors, aged 60 and over, who live in Mercer County, New Jersey. Our staff of registered nurses schedule home visits Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Patients are not charged for our services, nor do we seek reimbursement from a third party.

Our Services:

On typical visits, a patient will receive 45 minutes of skilled nursing care which may include checking vital signs, blood sugar levels and pacemakers, monitoring of Coumadin/Warfarin blood levels, and medication management. Our registered nurses may pre-fill syringes, pre-pour medications, and administer medically prescribed injections. Most patients are visited once every two weeks. However, patients on blood thinner medications may be visited more frequently, often twice a week to ensure that the dosages are adjusted as needed. The nurses coordinate changes with the doctor’s office and arrange transportation if needed to medical appointments, and also pick up medications at the pharmacy and assist in resolving any issues with medication with the pharmacy or mail in prescriptions. Patients receive general nutritional and special diet counseling which helps manage their illness from both a medical and nutritional vantage point. Our nurses routinely check for signs of elder abuse, food insecurity, isolation and safety hazards. 

Additional information:

Our program is licensed through  the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs as a Health Care Service Firm, License Number HP0274100.

Mount Carmel Guild adheres to the principles of truth in advertising, and all information accurately represents the organization’s scope of services provided, licenses, price claims or testimonials.