Bishop Thomas J. Walsh Society

The Bishop Thomas J. Walsh Society honors and thanks our generous supporters who have made or intend to make a Planned Gift or Bequest to Mount Carmel Guild.  It  is named after the third Bishop of Trenton, who founded the Guild in 1920.   Please contact the Guild about joining.

2014 Members: Mary Kerlin

2013 Members: Marie Combs, Fr. Jim McConnell

2012 Members: Therese Critchlow, Elizabeth Payton, Catherine Tomkovich

2011 Members: George & Dorothy Prutky

Legacy Members: Mary Aveni, Elizabeth “Betsy” Barlow, Marion Cronin, M. Sherry Ellin, Henry & Linda Fallon, Marie Ange Fasolino, Msgr. James S. Foley, Regina Keller, Edmund Knoff, Madeline Mitsch, Gale Warren Moser, Virginia O’Halloran, Grace T. Ogden, Mary Parker, Dr. Vincent B. Pica, Maurice Power, Eva Rotondo, John R. Ryan, Gertrude Klara Sahli, Eleanor Smith, Paul Urbani

May all our deceased friends and benefactors rest in the peace of Christ.